Nicole's Review

Dr.Ekapon have been my family's dentist for nearly 10 years. We have beautiful, healthy and happy smiles and it is all thanks to your extensive knowledge, progressive approach and passion for modern dentistry. You and the staff at Old Market Dental are exceptionally caring and gentle which to me is important as I have been able to overcome past fears and reservations about going to the Dentist. This also means that my 10 year old daughter has never had any reason to be afraid of taking care of her teeth because going to the Dentist is actually a fun and positive experience for her! Thank you for taking such good care of us.


Summer's Review

Waking up to facial pain and headaches was a daily part of my life until Dr. Ekapon Tanthana corrected my bite. Not only was he gentle throughout the entire process, but ensured the pain and discomfort that I lived with was gone AND made a smile that I was confident to share. I love my smile and I never knew what waking up to a painless morning was like. Thank you... a million times over and again. Sincerely, Summer Shurila


Thom's Review

Dr. Tanthana has always been thorough in all that he does. After seeing him for the past six year, I know why he was voted Best Dentist in Omaha for several years. He has the utmost integrity too, which I value because I know that if he recommends something, it will be something necessary and at a fair price